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Employment Law Counseling
Mr. Hahn works with private corporate clients and nonprofit organizations in a variety of matters affecting the employment relationship. He daily advises and assists clients about how to comply with employment statutes and contractual requirements and in determining whether or not an employee’s legal rights have been violated. He also works with employers to help them avoid liability before they take any actions that could result in a claim. Examples of types of advice he routinely gives:

*       Provided counsel to an organization that was receiving repeated and escalating threatening emails by a former employee in steps to take to insure a safe workplace and cessation of the harassing messages.

*       Assisted a major nonprofit entity in addressing claims of ethnic discrimination.

*       Advised a health care provider on individual employee rights under both federal and local family and medical leave rights.

*       Advised clients on compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act wage payment requirements relating to availability of and payment of overtime premium wages for commission and piecework employees as well as salaried/non-exempt employees.

*       Advised a large laundry and dry-cleaning operation on matters relating to occupational safety and health matters, investigation of employee theft, violent or threatening customers or non-employees visiting the workplace, and accommodation of physical disabilities.

*       Advised a prominent Washington, D.C. think tank on matters of affirmative action, accommodation of mental disabilities, and employment discrimination generally.

*       Helped numerous clients revise or promulgate up-to-date employment policies and employee handbooks.

*       Overseen a number of outside investigations looking into complaints of employment discrimination by individuals and businesses in areas ranging from the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Federal Civil Rights Act and the Family Medical Leave Act, as well as a variety of training, contract and employment policy issues.

*       Advised clients in responding to government agencies and in court proceedings to “whistleblower” charges, in connection with both the underlying claim of wrongdoing and the claim of retaliation by the purported “whistleblowers.”