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Firm Description

Hahn Law LLC is the Washington, DC-based law practice of Benjamin W. Hahn, Esq. Since 1979, Ben Hahn has been actively engaged in representing clients in civil litigation in over a dozen states. He has over two decadesoffirst-chair jury and bench trial experience in state and federal courts. He has extensive experience as well in mediation and arbitration matters.

Much of his practice focuses on advising, counseling and representing management in all aspects of employment and labor law issues. He has also represented franchisors and principals in franchise and service agreement disputes. He is well versed in independent contractor and agency law.

In addition to handling litigation in federal and state courts (primarily in the District of Columbia and the State of Maryland), he represents clients in charges, complaints, investigations, and other administrative actions involving the following federal agencies:

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Department of Labor, including its Wage-Hour Division

Customs and Immigration Service

and myriad state agencies overseeing employment discrimination, wage payment, workplace safety, unemployment insurance, workers’ compensation and related issues.

Most of the practice is devoted to the needs of for-profit corporate clients. However, a substantial portion of the work is dedicated to assisting non-profit organizations, including hospitals, child-care centers, private schools, and other charitable entities with their legal needs.

In order to meet clients’ diverse needs, he frequently affiliates with other lawyers and firms throughout the United States, as well as Europe and the Indian Subcontinent, to provide the best representation available.