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So you own or run a business with employees.   Have you ever said:

“Our people are our greatest asset.”

This time-honored human resources axiom omits the parallel truth – “Our people are our greatest challenge!” Sometimes headache and occasionally liability.

Even if all of your employees are positively stellar workers with no complaints, your company must comply with hundreds of employment laws and regulations. That issue alone can cause anxiety or lead to costly mistakes.

Hahn Law would like to help.
Benjamin W. Hahn, Esq.

Mr. Hahn, an experienced employment litigator, has represented a range of private and public sector employers in court and before administrative agencies, and has provided counseling to clients with employment and workplace issues.


Has a current or former employee sued your company, or filed a charge of discrimination?

Has a member of your team made a claim of harassment or alleged that your workplace is unsafe?

Do you have up-to-date policies on personal leave, disability accommodation, breastfeeding, background checks and drug testing?

Are your employees properly classified for wage-hour purposes? Has a “salaried-exempt” employee questioned the exemption, or complained that his or her pay was illegally docked?

When was the last time you reviewed your employment application and handbook?

Hahn Law LLC, the law office of Benjamin W. Hahn, Esq., is ready to help you resolve the matter as quickly and efficiently as possible. Please read on!